Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Anzac Day in Perth

Whilst the east coast of Australia is all cold and gloomy, Perth is still glorious and sunny. Today it was 28C with incredible blue skies. So why not have a picnic in Kings Park!

If Anni wasn't working, we would have gone to the dawn service, but it just wasn't feasible with public transport and getting to work on time. But we still went to the State War Memorial to pay our respects, being so thankful for all that the servicemen and women have given up for our country.

The view from Kings Park never disappoints, so here's another photo:


  1. Beautiful city photos Angus. The most important questions are: what did you eat for dessert at your picnic, and did you keep your honey safe from the ants? Honey is very important to Jerry and me (hehe).

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