Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Okay, so having come back to Melbourne our lives are rather quiet and there's not much travelling going on, sorry about that guys. Countdown update: There's about 5 weeks left until Anni and I move to Perth, Western Australia, so that's exciting!
Today, the first of June, is the first day of winter here in the Southern Hemisphere. And the forecasted weather today in Melbourne is sunny with a top of 19 degrees (celsius). STARK contrast to the forecasted weather on the first day of winter six months ago in London...

This photo was taken on Anni's way to work at about 7am, whilst walking through Parsons Green.

However, the weather today is strangely not much different to the weather experienced a year ago on the first day of Summer in London. This picture was taken in South Park, Parsons Green whilst Anni was walking home from the supermarket (oh how we miss Sainsbury's) after work at about 6.30pm.
How wonderful. And today in Melbourne kinda looks like that. It was incredibly foggy driving to work this morning, and now that the fog has been burnt off, the sky is this blue you could get lost in and the sunshine is making the possibilities of summer and beaches and ice cream seem not like lost causes. Best kinda day to rug up in a blanket next to a window with a great book and a cup of hot chocolate.

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Thursday, 19 May 2011


Anni is learning Spanish! That is rather exciting, hopefully sometime in the future we can go to South America! Or even back to Spain! Oh, so many places you can go when you know Español...

Thursday, 12 May 2011


A little bit off topic, but Anni and I were wondering if anyone had any recommendations for where to get photobooks printed, or even software to use to make photobooks etc. It would be cool to have my travels published in a book!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Newcastle and Northern Beaches photos

Anni forgot to upload the pics from our trip! duh!
So here are some photos from our lovely trip up north. There's one of me at Nelson's bay, one of me at Newcastle beach atop Anni's sandcastle, and one at the "Summer Bay" Beach (Palm Beach).

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Newcastle and Northern Beaches

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Newcastle is the second most populated area in the state of New South Wales.
And that's where Anni and I found myself during the last school holidays, visiting Tash, a friend from Melbourne who has relocated up to the port-side city and loves it.
The weather was fantastic whilst we were there, sunny blue skies, warm enough to sunbake in the middle of the day, cool breeze coming up of the ocean. The cafes are fantastic there also, lots of yummy soy lattes were consumed. And a sandcastle was built, in which I was the king of.
The reason for the trip was to attend a wedding down in Sydney for Beemo, so we flew up to Newcastle and stayed with Tash for a few days, and then caught the train down to Sydney to stay with Rach on the Northern Beaches, and then we went to Beemo's wedding next to the Harbour Bridge.
The Northern Beaches of Sydney are like nothing you've ever seen before. It's like it's own little place away from the world, and yet only twenty minutes drive from the city. And the Northern Beaches is where "Home and Away" is filmed! Rach took us there, and I got to have my picture taken on the famous beach, and I even put my feet in the water!
After the wedding, some more yummy cafe food and some beautiful beachside scenery, it was back up to Newcastle for some amazing fish and chips and a ridiculously early flight back to Melbourne.
If you ever come to Australia but you're short on time and you want to see something other than Sydney, we definitely recommend Newcastle. Two hours on the train from Sydney, it's amazingly beautiful, old but upcoming, and the weather is amazing.
Only 8 weeks left until the big road trip to Perth!