Thursday, 28 June 2012

Up North

So life in Perth is rather slow, but really relaxing. Anni has just finished her exams for the semester so Anni, myself, and four other crazy friends travelled the five hours north from Perth to Geraldton, a city of just under 40,000 people and where another one her friend lives.  

On the way up to Geraldton we stopped off at some pretty amazing locations...

Lancelin - Sandboarding anyone?
Woo! Um, hope I don't crash!
The Pinnacles - eerily quite and weird but spectacular...
The park ranger said "no touching" but surely he didn't mean I couldn't sleep on it?
At one point Anni and Kara were sitting in the boot of Anni's car as the other friends drove it round and the view was amazing. 

From Geraldton we travelled even further north to Kalbarri, and walked around the Kalbarri National Park (well, we drove into a large proportion of it and then got out and walked). For being in winter it was rather warm and Anni almost got sunburnt with the endless blue skies.

This is Nature's Window
The Australian bushland is kinda weird looking and unfortunately we saw no Kangaroos. 

The next trip is home to Melbourne for Anni's Oma's 70th Birthday. Hopefully we can go see a footy game at the MCG, Collingwood is playing!


  1. Great photos Angus! That looks like a very dry place! We hope that you took plenty of water with you!

  2. Don't forget to send us your mail address Angus so we can send you a postcard!

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