Wednesday, 22 December 2010


So Anni and I have been caught up in this massive kuffufle that is London and snow... Seriously inadequate response to what simply just frozen water falling from the sky.
Anni's friends Maria and Indy were suppposed to fly in from Australia on Sunday morning and then we were going to fly to Munich, but Heathrow decided to close and so they finally arrived yesterday after being deposited in Athens for two days (I wouldn't complain too much about free 5* accommodation and food in Athens...)
So instead of wasting away, Anni's friend Tam generously took us in and made us feel so at home, keeping us warm and fed and having lots of fun. We made snowmen! And the cats are really cool.
Now that Maria and Indy are here, our attempts of getting the trip back on schedule has massively failed; instead of flying to Munich we fly to Frankfurt on Christmas Eve, arriving in Chemintz Christmas day... At least our awesome Berlin New Years plans are still looking awesome!
Will keep you updated!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Magical Tours BusOrama to Bath!

Lazy Anni, she totally forgot to update my blog...
Yis, we went on the Magical Tours BusOrama trip to Bath! Mr Adrian Carter is one funny man, and his team of spirited workers made this trip awesomely fun-filled and actioned packed!
The first part was actually getting on the bus. Getting to Shepherds Bush on a Saturday morning is no mean feat! Once on the phenomenally huge double-decker coach we engaged ourselves into a pub-style quiz with questions that we a bit tricky, but mostly glancing out the window and dreaming of a white Christmas.
Our first stop was in the historical town of Avebury. Avebury, according to Wikipedia, is the site of several stone circles, a large henge, some stone avenues and burrows, all with the town of Avebury in the midst of it, nestled in the Wilstshire countryside.
Whilst there, the ever annoying Cam stole me and tried to make Anni sad, but instead she took a photo of snow covered poo and said it was him. They are funny funny.
Then on to Bath, where we savoured in the glories that were the town Christmas markets, sang Christmas carols in the impressive Bath Abbey and ate some great pub-grub, and overall had a lovely time.
Back onto the super-bus back to London, watching one of Anni's favourite movies, the Holiday and back to bed. All in a days work.