Sunday, 15 April 2012

Kings Park

Kings Park is 400.6 hectares of green grasslands, botanical gardens gardens and native bushlands, with two-thirds of the area being covered by native bushlands (the Australian bush is kinda weird looking). It was the first parkland designed for public use in 1872, with the purchase of more land in 1890 bringing it up to it's current size. The name was changed from "Perth Park" to "Kings Park" in 1901 in reference to King Edward VII.

Anni and her friend Kara went on the free guided walking tours offered by the Kings Park Volunteers. The walk on offer that day took us around the Botanic Gardens, pointing out and describing all the interesting plants and flowers from the different regions of Western Australia.

At the end they went and visited the State War Memorial, which has incredible views of the Swan and Canning rivers. It was constructed in 1928-29 and designed in a obelisk shape, similar to that of the ANZAC memorials erected in France and Belgium. Whilst it was built to commemorate those who had served in WWI, it has since become a place of reflection for those who have served in the Armed Forces in all of Australia's deployments.

One of the best parts of Kings Park are the views over the city. Love coming here at night and seeing all the sparkly lights.

Kings Park is a great place to visit any time of the year. We're going to do another tour in the wintertime when all the wildflowers come out in the bushlands.

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  1. Beautiful photos Angus! That park would be a great place to have a picnic!