Monday, 14 March 2011

Last Week in London: Wednesday

Tuesday was somewhat of a lazy day at home; Anni started to attempt to pack... By the picture you can see it was going to take all week.
Wednesday was not just another day in the last week of us being in London, it was Anni's 25th birthday! So to celebrate we went on a beautiful outing to Richmond Park. It had rained the day before so Anni got to wear her wellies, and along with Timtam's little girl we jumped in all the big mud puddles.
We also had some tasty toffee ice cream, and then fed the ducks and swans. Ungrateful little creatures came and chased after us when we ran out of bread. Eventually we found the elusive deers, and some of the young bucks were practising their fighting (well, that's what it looked like anyway).
Then we went shopping in Richmond and Anni bought some really cute boat shoes, which fit in perfectly with her birthday outfit!
For dinner we went to Anni's favourite Mexican restaurant, Wahaca, at Shepherd's Bush. Her friends bought her some very funny birthday presents, including some personally decorated rubber ducks and some fake poo. Ha ha ha.
All in all, I thought Anni had a very good birthday

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Last Week in London: Monday

Anni has been lazy in updating my blog *makes angry face at Anni*
So for the last week Anni and I have graciously been put up by Timtam's boss (Timtam is a live-in nanny) near Northfields, which makes for easy access to a lot of the parks that we haven't yet been to. Today we went to Kew Gardens, and it was amazing weather for it. We took Timtam's little charge and had a fantastic time chasing the peacocks and taking photos of flowers. When it came to lunch time, Timtam bought this lunch pack thing for her little girl, and told her to dip her carrots in what she thought was a dip, which turned out to be peach yoghurt! hahaha.
Other than that the day was pretty uneventful. Sorry.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Last Week in London: Saturday

So we flew back to London, and whilst being delayed by over an hour, we made it back to the city we have called home for the past 18 months in two pieces. And the immigration line at Heathrow was the longest we have ever been in. As always, the air conditioning wasn't working at Heathrow, so the next 55 mins was agony for Anni, especially seeing as her supposed best friends frapped her and changed her facebook profile shot to be the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, whom she absolutely detests. Why was being patient and allowing the borders of the United Kingdom be protected so annoying for Anni? Because we were running late for her BIRTHDAY party!
The "Fantastic Nerdy Party!" was held at the King's Arms, in Fulham. This pub is fantastic. On the corner of New Kings Road and Fulham Road, right next to the Putney Bridge, it was the perfect place to have a great party. It was really quiet that night, but Anni and her mates managed to fill up the place in their lab coats and school dresses. Her mates made some lovely cupcakes, complete with a rubber ducky made from rice krispies!
So that completed day 1 of the last week in London.