Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas 09

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Praying you had a very blessed and peaceful time, as did I along with Anni.

However, our christmas plans did not go as planned. 'Twas supposed to be in Italy, however, thanks to snow being more fluffy in France than usual, we were unable to get to Paris, and thereby missing our connection to Italy. So we were stuck in London...

Thankfully we we rescued by some wonderful people, Andrew and Jono, and had a great day of eating and laughing and lazy TV watching. I got to try some mulled wine, and ate some great minced pies. Oh so very Christmassy...

I even got a present from Mum in Australia! Now my feet will be nice and toasty roasty.
All in all, our first Christmas away was pretty sweet.

Monday, 16 November 2009

End-of-October Party

The fact that Anni doesn't have a computer and has had to hijack her housemates is the reasoning behind this extreamly delayed posting, and trust me, I'm not happy.

However, from what I remember, the End-of-October party was brilliant!

Although a lot of people didn't rock up, those that did got into the full swing of things and dressed up incredibly. We had a couple of Vampires, Spideyman, a 60's Go-Go dancer, Little Dead Riding Hood, a Fat Stipper and I turned up as Ian Thorpe in my little budgey smuggles and wimmers cap.

Anni's Vodka jelly was a hit (literally) and many puddles were created from it. Laughter was had by all in the various exposing drinking games, and silly actions pursued as the night went on.

Overall I enjoyed the coming of the end of october, and although I am a little worse for wear, it was a great night.

My next adventure is to Edinburgh this weekend!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Tis very hard to believe that the flight from London to Dublin is only about an hour. Travelling anywhere from Melbourne, Australia (my hometown!) takes forever. So the fact that it took me over 5 hours to reach the backpackers didn't really worry me too much (well, a little bit. It was kinda sqwashy in the suitcase). At least the backpackers where we were staying was very comfy (highly recommend Avalon House).

Saturday I got to go on the hop-on-hop-off bus with Anni (my gorgeous girl) and Maggie (her gorgeous friend). This also meant it was hop-in-hop-out of Anni's handbag, but that's the life of a travelling doll hey?

So I got to stand on statues and memorials for famous people. It seems like there's a different statue or memorial every 50 metres! But that's good, because there's more photo opps for me.

Went to the Guinness factory where I swam in a giant pool of barley seeds, have my head shoved in water fall and finally, drink a pint of the black goodness. I was quite loved by a bunch of American boys who took their pics with me in the Gravity Bar.

Had McDonalds for lunch - I think it's the best Maccas I've ever had (I make it a mission to try the golden arches in every country). Very tasty.

Got the night off cause Anni went out with her friends and met some funky smelling boys. I could tell they were funky smelling because she came home smelling funky like them.

Sunday I flew home with Anni, who is quite silly when stressed, because she lost the keys of her suitcase in between getting checked in and boarding the plane, which was good for me, because it meant I actually sat on the plane rather than being sqwashed, but it was sad to see her so stressed out, especially at the UK customs, where the guy looked at me quite sus. It's not like I'm a drug mule or something!

So that was Ireland for ya! My next adventure will be the End-of-October Party.


Fellow Travellers!

I have finally stopped moving about so much that I can start this blog.

Hoping to see you on my adventure!