Friday, 8 April 2011

a note from us

Dear Readers,
We just thought we should update you as to what has happened to our ever adventurous duo of Angus Darcy and Anni
We returned back to Australia mid-February, and since then, we've been a bit under the weather, a bit blue, a bit hesitant to reminisce too much about our European adventures, because we're really quite sad that it's over, and we miss our London friends very much! Sure, we've kept the blog updated a little bit, but it's been hard because Anni has started full-time work, and there's been no new exciting adventures.
However, this doesn't mean that "The Adventures of Travelling Angus" are over. Far from it! In the next few weeks we are venturing up to Newcastle in New South Wales, as well as going wine tasting and playing golf. And later on this year we're moving from Melbourne west all the way across to Perth, and to get there we're driving!
So whilst life in Melbourne is quiet and our adventure updates are lacking, please feel free to suggest places in Victoria, Australia we could go to on day trips, or go back and read some of our past tales of awesomeness.
Thanks for reading, we'll be back on the road soon!
Anni and Angus

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  1. We hope to see more pics of your adventures Angus and Anni! We sure love reading your blog!