Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Bonjour! We finally made it to Paris!
Anni and I went on a Kamuka tour with 15 other people, starting in London, catching the Eurostar to Paris, and then via bus to Interlaken, Florence and Rome. The tour group was an
interesting mix of people; three married couples, a Dad and daughter combo, a thirty-something single guy, five single 20-year old girls and Anni. Throw in a bus driver who brought along his bogan Aussie girlfriend and his sexually frustrated gay brother as our Tour Leader, and you've got a very interesting six days.
But back to Paris, the home of couture, perfumes, and lots of monuments to get photos taken at. We saw most of them in the central area of Paris; the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, Opera House, the Bastille, Notre Dame, Pont des Arts, and of course the Moulin Rouge. Anni went for a show in there and was extremely disappointed. She said it was all just "chicks walking around with their tops of and no actual dancing".
Although we had been warned not to be too excited about making it to the City of Love, it was still slightly disheartening to realise that Paris is just another European city; busy, full of old buildings and rude people. However, the magic of sitting in the middle of the Arc de Triumph whilst all the cars rush around, seeing all the fancy stores down the Champs Elysees, and of course the engineering feat that is the Eiffel Tower, was spectacular.
And now Anni knows how to order une baguette au jambon et fromage s'il vous plaît.

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  1. Miam, miam! Une bonne baguette au jambon, cela nous fait monter l'eau à la bouche! (Yum, yum. A nice ham sandwich, that makes our mouths water!) We've been to Paris too! Ben thinks there are probably rude people in any big city, even in OZ. It must be kind of annoying to own a shop in Paris, and to have 90% of the Americans, Brits and Aussies come visit who don't know, or who haven't even bothered to learn, very much French (Jerry thinks everyone should learn to speak Bear!) We also bet American shop owners wouldn't be entirely pleasant if thousands of Russian or Chinese tourists, for example, who couldn't speak or didn't even bother to speak any English, descended on them each week. But still, travel is such fun, even if there are a few little problems and even if everyone single person, or even little bear, that you might meet isn't perfectly pleasant. --Ben & Jerry