Sunday, 21 November 2010

Where's Wally?

Through the miracles of facebook, Anni and I were invited to a friend of a friends birthday party which involved dressing up as Wally from "Where's Wally" and traipsing our way around London following a set of somewhat redundant instructions that partially resembled the Monopoly board. That's right, we went on the famous Monopoly Pub Crawl.
Starting at Elephant and Castle tube station at 10.45am, we hit our first pub, The George, near Old Kent Road by 11.15. No, it shouldn't take 30mins to get from A to B, however, relying upon London Public Transport is like relying upon a 450 year old termite infested house to continue to stand upright.
Despite the slow start, the day went along well. We went across Tower Bridge, collecting a few stares from the brave tourists in the rain seeing a bus full of Wally's and wondering what on earth was going on. Then meandering around Tower Hill, we passed Vine Street on our way to Fenchurch Street Station. Due to a myriad of things, including the fact that there was an ever increasing amount of Wally's, the slow start continued throughout the day. By 5pm, we had only hit 8 out of the possible 26 pubs. Yes, the Duke was closed at King's Cross station; Yes, there was a large group of us so being served was somewhat difficult, however, I believe that we should have been more organised and disciplined. 30 mins at each pub is a long time.
However, the day was a success; people got drunk, looked silly, had a great time, tried out new places and overall attempted the Monopoly Pub Crawl.
And the most exciting part? Anni bought me a new jumper.

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