Saturday, 17 July 2010


Athens was HOT! All this time in London has made me forget what awesome heat is like! Good thing that the room we stayed in had airconditioning or I could've melted.
So we stayed in the renowned "Athens Backpackers", or actually, the studios around the corner. However, we did manage to climb up to the rooftop on the backpackers and saw the sunset (as was highly recommended by several people!).
I wasn't supposed to have my photo taken at the Acropolis, however, I wasn't told this till we were on the way back down, so I have had my photo taken. Why can't I have my photo taken, you ask? Because apparently I am a toy. No toys or flags allowed to be photographed up there.
The tourist train was lots of fun, just going around in circles around Athens. Very lazy but lovely.
And the ice cream was always yummy.
So now we are in Mykonos, because tomorrow we go on an 8-day tour around the Cyclades. 'twill be brill!

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