Monday, 19 April 2010

Volcano Cloud

Why yes, Anni and I have been, like basically everyone else here in Europe, affected by the Volcano cloud. We were supposed to be (and hopefully still will be) travelling to Istanbul, around Turkey, and then to Gallipoli for the Anzac Day dawn service. Fingers crossed...
I think it's hilarious that a volcano cloud rules over Europe, stopping all air traffic. Although it's not funny because there are thousands upon thousands of people who depend on the movement of air traffic through Europe, but still, it is kinda funny.
So we've been just chillaxing. Had a picnic in the park on Saturday afternoon, slept all day Sunday in the backyard. Anni's ankle and foot is huge, so it's probably a good thing we didn't fly on Saturday because now it's had time to settle down and hopefully get better.
So here's to hoping the next update will be about Anzac Day Dawn Service in Gallipoli. Otherwise, Anni has flight credit with Swiss Air and we will be travelling somewhere for a week because we can.

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