Wednesday, 20 January 2010

John Mayer in Wolverhampton

Anni and Jay snuck me into the John Mayer concert up in Wolverhampton and it was amazing! We waited for-ev-er and her handbag was squashy but eventually we got in there and we met some crazy kids and wow! TJ randomly held me up every now and then.
The support act was Codeine Velvet Club... very awesome. But of course we were there for John. Ahhh. So good. He opened with "Heartbreak Warfare" which was incredible live. I think my favourite song was "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room". I liked that he played heaps of old stuff too.
The best part was when he said "I see some girl holding a cabbage patch doll up... Have I mentioned that at some stage or do you just carry him around everywhere?!" He was talking about ME!!! John Mayer noticed ME! WOO.
And now I've got some more friends on Facebook, so overall, this has been amazing!

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